Live Tracking

Live Tracking :-

EG Tracker GPS based vehicle tracking system for tracking your any vehicle location anywhere and at anytime. Live Tracking is an unique and innovative software feature that comes standard with Tracking devices. This feature enables our customers to be see their vehicle move live on the map in real time. This feature is extremely handy for fleet managers and individual vehicle owners as this helps them keep a close eye on the vehicle to avoid abuse.

Vehicle History on map

Vehicle History On Map :-

VEHICLE HISTORY ON MAPEG TRACKER, Features is the Animated Map Replay Option that allows you to retrace a vehicle’s route on a map screen for a chosen date and time. The map creates a bread crumb trail, allowing you to see the route the vehicle traveled. Each icon has an arrow that indicates the vehicle direction at the time of this particular GPS Position. When you click on an icon, a legend point appears. This point provides the time vehicle was at that GPS location, and the vehicle’s estimated speed, directional heading and street address.

ON / OFF Status

ON/OFF Status :-

EG Tracker, This feature allows users to know your vehicle ignition status is ON/OFF, when and where it was started and Stopped. Even, AC ON/OFF status report gives you AC usage in the vehicle. Avoid misuse of AC in Vehicle. It will reduce your fuel consumption.

Overspeed alert

Over Speeding Alert :-

You will be alerted of any unscheduled halts taken by the driver. You can also take the necessary action if there is any idle time lodged during transport of in case of thefts or vehicle misuse. Moreover, you can also keep a track of the vehicle speed, state border crossing and travel time for efficient performance. This feature send SMS alert when vehicle speed exceeds than predefined maximum speed limit.

Alerts and notifications

Alerts and Notifications :-

EG Tracker, The instant alerts and notification features ensures sending SOS / Panic alerts in case of emergencies even with no GPS signal. These alerts can be customized to various functions they are given below
Over speeding alert – Improvise on the driver safety and fuel efficiency.
Geo-fence Alert - Monitor when your vehicles enter/exit a location.Motion Alert - Identify unauthorized vehicle use with instant alerts.
Engine on/off Alert: Keep you track of vehicle start and off timing
.Battery- Power cut alert send to authorized number.
AC ON/OFF alert, Panic Button alert and Etc…



EG Tracker, Get an alert when your vehicle crosses boundaries of predefines area. You can define a particular area, only in which your vehicle should travel. When Geo-fencing is on, as your vehicle crosses any boundary of defined area you can get an alert. At that moment you can see the current location of vehicle.


SOS :-

EG Tracker, This feature allows users to Press Panic button or SOS fitted in vehicle to get help in an emergency. Single press will send SMS or holding it for 3 seconds will make a call to predefined number/s. SOS Button enables the customer to transmit a silent distress signal when they are in critical situation like theft, accident or other dangers. As soon as the driver presses the SOS button, it triggers a message to fleet owner / manager via a SMS and Email as selected by the user in its preference.

Fuel monitoring

Fuel Monitoring:-

EG Tracker, Based on the quantity of fuel re-filled and other parameters such as distance and road conditions, you can keep a reliable check on the consumption of fuel. This system also alerts you in case there is a change in trend of fuel consumption for better performance.The high cost of fuel always has major impact on operating expense of any business. Fleet owners are always looking for technologies which can help them find ways to cut costs. EG Tracker offers various options for users to monitor fuel consumptions in order to take measures to cut fuel costs. Our fuel level sensor works with our GPS tracking device to send live fuel monitoring data to our server and help us do real time monitoring of fuel volume and fleet tracking.


Battery Backup :-

EG Tracker – GPS Vehicle Tracking Device For added comfort with battery backups. If the vehicle battery goes dead, or someone unplugs the device, EG Tracker GPS Vehicle Tracking Device will continue to report for a period of time, depending on the device type.


Reports :-

EG Tracker-comes with state of art MIS system which helps fleet managers or vehicle owners make effective decisions to support ongoing operations.EG Tracker supports various Scheduled and On Demand Reports which users can run whenever needed or scheduled to run automatically with the results emailed to any number of recipients on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. A list of reports that EG Tracker offers is: Odometer Report Ignition ON/OFF Report Drive Summery Report Vehicle Summery Report Waiting Time Report AC ON/OFF Report and etc...

Multi connections

Multi-Connections :-

EG Tracker, By Using Relay you can monitor and control various connections configured when installations was done. This feature can also be used by simply sending a SMS from the authorized mobile phone. You can ON or OFF vehicle Engine, AC, Doors Open or closed status, Head lights Status and EtcAs per requirement we can provide various connections that will be control or monitor your Vehicle.

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Two way Communication :-

EG Tracker, One of the niche features two way audio communication. EG Tracker- GPS Vehicle tracking system can be connected to a microphone and speaker for a seamless two-way on-demand communication setup. This feature allows users to talk to driver in real time or listen to the conversation happening inside the Vehicle. Listen to the live audio or conversation happening near to device. Get exact location coordinates of the device based on GPS It also helps in anti-theft, as it calls your number in case of voice detection in your absence. Send back messages of the position where you are and you can open it in mobile

Software Customization

Software Customization :-

EG Tracker, We Provide Hardware and Software customized Solution in GPS Vehicle Tracking System. Once we have a clear understanding of your vision and requirements for success, we use our industry-leading expertise, proven track record of product and service excellence and powerful network of technology partners to provide your company with a total business operation in GPS tracking and fleet management solution.

Mobile App

Mobile Application :-

EG Tracker, Get an easy access to your Vehicle through specially designed application. We are providing you easy and smart application which will take you into your Vehicles account Dashboard and so you can track your vehicle with the help of your mobile as well.