Car Charger with GPS Positioning


EG Tracker Car charger is a discreet gps tracker cleverly integrated into a cigarette lighter Style USB Charger. This plug n play tracker installs quickly in virtually any vehicle providing real time gps location, audio monitoring of the surrounding environment and more. This inconspicuous and unobtrusive tracker is ideal for both fleet management and individual applications. This Unique & Portable GPS Car Charger Comes With Advanced Fast Charging 30W Dual USB Charging Port. This High Tech Device Not Only Charges Your Smartphone & Other USB Device But Also Safeguard Your Car From Theft. It Is An Easy To Install Plug & Play Car Charger With Built-In GPS Tracker That Can Be Used As a Hidden Device To Track Your Vehicle Secretly. It Also Has A Built-In Microphone That Allows You To Listen To The Conversations That Is Taking Place Inside The Vehicle. This Spy Device Can Be Therefore Installed In Every Car/Vehicle. In order to enable tracking, Ignition should be ON, as this Car charger with GPS positioning will only work when ignition will be ON only. When Car Ignition will be OFF, GPS will stop sending location , as soon as , vehicle engine will ON again, GPS will start sending location again .Product Features: 1.Supports quad bands, i.e. 850/900/1800/1900MHz, universal in the world. 2. Wide Input Voltage: 9-40V DC. 3. Supports single positioning and feedbacks position via GPRS at setting times. 4. Supports vehicle positioning and tracking. Function Extension: Default interface: Microphone input port for remote monitoring Can be extended: External lithium battery port, used for long battery life. Chip set : MTK High sensitivity chip. Voice monitoring range: 5 meters. Device weight : 102.8 G, Device Dimension 84.0*44.0*38.0mm.


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